Units A18-A19, 8th Floor, Tower 2, Beijing INN Plaza, Dong Shui Jing Lane, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100010, China
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  Isleford Translations LLC is a member of Tian Lan Intellectual Property and Legal Service Group comprising an integration of three business entities individually specialized in legal, intellectual property and professional language translation services but jointly offer comprehensive solutions at One-Stop for both domestic and international clients. Within the group, Isleford Translations LLC plays a key role in realizing the One-Stop solution by providing scientific, legal and intellectual property translation services internally as well as independently to a wide spectrum of clients including domestic and international high-tech enterprises, intellectual property agencies, law firms, research institutions and academic publishers. Well-established business layout and multi-dimensional customer resources have made us a perfect platform for sustained career development of talents interested in the professional translation industry.

  For employees who are already familiar with translation practice, we place individuals at positions that fit their competence and inspire their interest through effective skill assessment, such that the full potentials of our team members can be mobilized for the success of the company together with employees. For newcomers with less experience, we pay great attention to skill training so as to bring up their professional ability to a level that is adapted to our core business. We believe that practice is the most efficient way to improve capabilities. Therefore, from the very first day here, newcomers will be put into actual projects for their accelerated growth. At work, senior managers will supervise, and experienced staffs will lead to enable fresh employees to understand our core value, make continuous progress and quickly integrate into the team under an environment of openness, mutual respect and effective communication. In addition, we organize and participate in various internal and external trainings and events particularly for newcomers, so that they are given opportunities to deepen their understanding of the IP industry, broaden their visions, and obtain essential skill enhancement in accordance with their respective career orientation.

  Tian Lan Intellectual Property and Legal Service Group is well aware that, besides work achievements, our employees with different backgrounds share a common pursuit of enjoyment, happiness and wellbeing as they come together in the group. Being a member of Tian Lan Intellectual Property and Legal Service Group, Isleford Translations LLC treats staff welfare as a very important issue. We organize and sponsor rich and colorful activities jointly with other affiliates of Tian Lan Group from time to time, in order to provide our employees opportunities to relax and build friendship through their participation.

  Isleford Translations LLC invites talents to join us. Together, we will create an ever brighter future.