Units A18-A19, 8th Floor, Tower 2, Beijing INN Plaza, Dong Shui Jing Lane, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100010, China
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  Isleford Translations LLC, as a member of Tian Lan Intellectual Property and Legal Service Group, is specialized in professional language translation of scientific, legal and intellectual property materials. We on the one hand assist in overseas businesses of other affiliates of Tian Lan Group through our service, and on the other hand independently provide quality translation service to a wide spectrum of clients including domestic and international high-tech enterprises, intellectual property agencies, law firms, research institutions and academic publishers. Every single member of our team has a concrete educational background and rich knowledge in the relevant industries, with mastery of Chinese, English and other languages. In order to further enhance our core strength, we also maintain a talent pool by consulting and collaborating with a large number of top practitioners in research, patent, legal and other industries.